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The Top 4 Common Boudoir Myths...

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

When it comes to finding a Maryland Boudoir Photography Studio, you may stumble across multiple websites showing off perfect size two bodies... and "model status" women all over the site; but don't let this level of "perfection" sway you...

Boudoir is for any and ALL women to celebrate themselves and feel gorgeous in their own skin JUST. THE.WAY.THEY.ARE. Here are common myths I want to squash right now:

  • You have to be a size 4 and super fit to pose for boudoir photos. NONSENSE. Did you know there are dozens upon dozens of ways to pose you? And that you have ALLLL the goodies just the way you are, today. Right now. Boudoir is for ALL shapes and sizes. It's for anyone with a BODY.

  • You need a special occasion to have a reason to do the photos. Majority of the women who enter my studio gift these images and experience to know one other than themselves! You see, Boudoir is far beyond just some pictures taken... but an entire experience. The experience of owning your own uniqueness. Celebrating your body. Feeling beautiful. And gifting yourself something you'll treasure forever.

  • You're too old. The adage, "your only as old as you feel" absolutely applies here. In fact, more women in their 50s join me for boudoir over the years and they are absolutely ROCKING it.

  • It's too expensive to justify spending on myself. When was the last time you did something entirely for yourself? Gifted yourself something that not only was fun and exciting, but provided you with a bucket-list-type experience many only do ONCE in their lives? If you can't answer this question, then my next question is why not? Aren't you worth it? OF COURSE, YOU ARE.

There you have it. Four common MYTHS that prevent so many women from taking the leap and experiencing this amazing genre of photographic bliss! My goal as a Maryland Boudoir Photography studio is to help more and more women realize their worth and celebrate it!

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