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Baltimore Boudoir Photography for EVERY BODY

Baltimore Boudoir Photography | Transcend Boudoir Studio 

Baltimore boudoir photography of model tossing hair back, black and white photo with white background
Model in shower for baltimore boudoir photography

Transcend caters to all women seeking Baltimore boudoir photography in a luxury studio-setting. Here you get to feel a certain kinda way... and forget about life for a bit while you undergo an unforgettable experience.


Are you looking for a chance to regain your power... channel your feminine energy... and or look and feel the most confident and gorgeous you ever have? Then Welcome. I am going to be your biggest cheer leader and guide you every step of the way... 

Keep scrolling to discover more about the boudoir process, see more work, and learn about my collections. 

There are a lot of boudoir studios in Baltimore to choose from, and I want to say I'm extremely flattered you're here on the site! Keep scrolling to learn more...

Model in cowboy hat holding whiskey bottle in baltimore boudoir photography studio

Baltimore Boudoir Photography | Transcend Boudoir Studio 


Treat Yo' Self... to an experience that celebrates YOU!

Gorgeous window light shines on a brunette model laying on green chase inside baltimore boudoir photography studio
Bridal boudoir model laughing on bed for batlimore boudoir photography

We ladies come in ALL shapes and sizes. The beauty of that is there's NOONE quite like you. Your curves, your slopes and angles of your body structure exist entirely authentically! How amazing is that? When you really think about it, we are all masterpieces. When posing for boudoir, your body won't look a thing like anyone else's, and you are your OWN work of art. My goal is to help you to see that you are in fact a work of art as a Baltimore boudoir photographer.

No matter what your insecurities or reservations about posing for boudoir, I assure you... this experience is worth gifting to yourself. There's really nothing like it. Ready to learn more?

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Discover the art of boudoir photography and capture your inner vixen with experienced and professional creatives to achieve something truly unlike any other "photo shoot" you've ever booked... here's just SOME of what you receive with your shoot:


Tailored Experience


Private Studio


Confidentiality Assured



Professional Hair and Makeup


Styling Guides and Wardrobe Help


Pro Retouching and Luxury Album Creation

NEW Shower Set 

This FAKE (yep! it's fake!) shower set is now available with any boudoir shoot - quick and easy set up to add on at the very end of your session! I have always wanted to add this set to my boudoir studio, and it's finally ready to rock. All it takes is some spraying and spritzing and you'll be ready to end your session with a mic drop and feeling like a total GODDESS. 

Model in shower scene, batlimore boudoir photography
model with wet t shirt, baltimore boudoir photography

Join my VIP Boudoir Group on Facebook!

This group is invite only, so please request to join and you'll soon be approved (so long as you're female and I don't suspect anything super sketchy about you!)...Many of my images don't quite make it to the website due to privacy concerns; BUT, a lot make it to the private Facebook group! You'll also learn about my best sales, discounts, and model calls for Baltimore Boudoir Photography...

Boudoir Photography Collections 

I'm not going to sugar coat this... boudoir isn't cheap... and is a luxury service. My average client investment is $899 for my Vixen package which includes professional hair and makeup, an hour of shooting, 30 finals chosen images, the digital files, and an 8x8 album. This package is unlikely to be matched anywhere considering what's provided and the experience and skill behind my lens.


Tamara D, Howard County

"Fabulous Experience! Anyone on the fence, jump off and go for it!”
Boudoir Photo, Large Windows, baltimore boudoir photography

What to look for in a boudoir photographer...

Boudoir is so personal, and the experience depends on trust in your photographer. When looking for Baltimore boudoir photograph, ask yourself these questions...

1. Do the models look well posed and flattering? Or, do they look uncomfortable and awkward/ unflattering? 

2. Does their style fit your mood? Some boudoir photographers are really dark and moody with their shots and some light and super bright and airy. I fall in the middle. I like both and can do both! Depending on the set and the outfit, when it comes to boudoir, BOTH of those styles work. 

3. Does he or she make you feel comfortable? During the phone consultation, you should feel comfortable, at ease, and have a feeling you'll be taken care of. Trust is huge for the success of these shoots! 

4. Is your privacy safe and protected? Always ask away when it comes to your images and their privacy and how the photographer plans to use them. ALL boudoir photographers should respect privacy and only post images given specific permission to post. 

Baltimore Boudoir Photography | Transcend Boudoir Studio 

Bridal model laying down with veil inside Baltimore boudoir photography studio

Baltimore Boudoir Photography FOR BRIDES 

Pssst... are you engaged and looking to knock the socks off of your groomy the day of the wedding with a mind-blowing boudoir book? I offer amazing albums that are durable, stunning and elegant! Covers can be discreet in black leather with special embossing... or display a photo with acrylic or crystal overlay! Oh, and I also shoot weddings and offer any of my brides a MASSIVE discount on boudoir! WOOP! Email me to inquire about my Baltimore Bridal Boudoir packages at

Baltimore Boudoir Photography | Transcend Boudoir Studio 

Hey pretty!

My name is Kimberly Dean

When someone tells you, "I just can't believe that's me..."
You get goosebumps. It's my "why" when it comes to shooting boudoir. 

For nearly a decade, I've photographed women in all sorts of settings and platforms and so stepping into the Baltimore boudoir photography scene just made sense.  My background is wedding and portrait photography, and boudoir really appealed to me after I had my OWN photos done years ago... and realized how empowering, fun, and confidence-inducing boudoir really is.  I promise you that with me you're in the hands of a woman who gets it, who understands feeling insecure and or timid in front of a camera, and who can help you overcome any of those feelings. Majority, if not all of my clients have stated how much fun the shoot was, AND how comfortable they felt just a few minutes into shooting.

Opening a Baltimore boudoir studio allows me to thrive in helping other women THRIVE in themselves!
Click below to learn even more about me...


Baltimore Boudoir Photography studio owner | Kimberly Dean

Prepping Tips for Your Boudoir Session

Prepping for boudoir is easy. Nothing you wouldn't do normally, unless it's the dead of winter (can you say leg stubble?!). So, these tips are designed to ensure that hair, skin, nails and body are ready to BOUDIE OUT!


Since hair is likely to be curled at your session, try to avoid washing that morning. Sometimes if hair is TOO freshly cleaned and conditioned, curls have a hard time holding. Best bet is to wash and condition the day before.

SKIN - CLEAN AND HYDRATED IS KEY: Arrive with clean and moisturized skin, makeup free. Drink plenty of water the day before and morning of to ensure your skin is hydrated from the inside out.

BODY - YOU KNOW, TENDING TO THE FUN STUFF: Shave or wax, all the necessary goodies i.e., bikini area, legs, and arm pits! If shooting in the winter, moisturize your legs and arms the morning of to avoid flaky skin. And... please nourish yourself with a good nutritious breakfast! This is important. You want to be full when you arrive because you'll be in studio for two hours on average. Hunger pangs or low blood sugar don't make for a good time (not to worry, I have snacks if this happens, but still). That being said, don't overeat either to avoid feeling bloated.

NAILS - THEY DO MATTER: Your finger and toenails will show up in the images as subtle as they are. Many poses show your hands draped near your face... or those close ups of your feet crossed in your high heels. Best color choices range from nude shades to pale pinks to reds. Feel free to go rogue if you are into wild colors - just remember, if the colors don't go well with your outfit choices, they may clash in the images.

Finally, don't forget your shoes, outfits, and of course feel free to bring along any accessories like any jewelry, fun props (yes, one girl brought swords, another a Harry Potter wand, and another her roller skates!!) - especially those items that are super unique to YOU!

These tips can apply for any Baltimore boudoir photography studio session, and of course, all studios have different takes on preparation. These happen to be my tried-and-true best suggestions for an amazing outcome!

BL (14).jpg

Baltimore Boudoir Photography | Transcend Boudoir Studio 

Model posing in red teddy, baltimore boudoir photography

Baltimore Boudoir Photography studio owner | Kimberly Dean

What to wear for your boudoir shoot...

What to wear for your boudoir shoot can vary from full blown lingerie... panties and matching bra... a loose off-shoulder sweater...  man's shirt or tie... cute PJs... and or fabric draped over you... plenty of options! My boudoir studio in Baltimore County offers some silk fabric and sheer robes as well to use for your session, and Amazon offers a wide variety of boudoir outfits and looks! I have an Amazon favorites list I can send to clients if they so wish, and for those wishing to shop in store for Baltimore boudoir pieces, Necessary Secrets in Greenspring station is also a fine choice.Most of all, no matter what you're in, you want to feel confident and sexy in your "looks," and I can help you achieve that in studio! 

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